wove flexible computerBob was wrong about Joe Biden running for president, but he may be right about flexible computers. He predicts that a computer that wraps around your arm will one day be the norm, not a smart watch on your wrist.

An arm-band computer called “The Wove” is expected to come out in 2016. The screen has five times the area of a smart watch. It uses one of the first bendable touch screens and comes with four gigabytes of storage space and 512 gigabytes of working memory.  And, it’s all expected to cost less than an Apple Watch.

Unfortunately, unlike an Apple Watch, it won’t have colorful graphics or a brightly lit screen. The Wove uses “e-ink,” such as found on some Kindle and Nook models, as well as a few other devices. Text and pictures will look gray or black on a dull background. On the bright side, E-ink displays are easy to read in sunlight. The company, Polyera, has been working on this for ten years. Samsung and LG have similar arm-band computers in the works.

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