Swiss tech key cable between phone and computerThere are hundreds of gadgets out there and we rarely write about them. A lot of them are junk and some are even revivals of gadgets that we’ve seen years before: One time we were pitched on a supposedly new gadget that Bob had seen at a trade show 30 years ago.

So to get to the point, we liked something new called “Key Cables,” from Swiss Tech. These are key chain fobs, and they allow you to connect your phone to one of those reserve portable chargers or a computer for recharging. They can also be used to transfer photos to a computer.

We have a couple of those chargers. They’re pretty cheap so they’re a good thing for when you’re out and about and your phone is about to sigh its last. The trouble is, you have to have a cable to connect them to a power source, and the cables are a nuisance to carry; they get tangled up with whatever else is in your jacket or pocket or purse. So we never bring our chargers, and when the phone dies, it dies.

The fob for Android has a micro USB plug for the phone on one end and a regular USB plug on the other. The protective cover is also a flashlight. There’s a “Lightning Key Cable” for iPhone/iPad. Bottom line: no more cables to carry. The ones for Apple are $36, those for Android $26. (Apple stuff is always more expensive.) There’s more info at, including a long list of stores that carry their products.  Common places are Ace Hardware, Home Depot, Lowes, Menard’s, etc. Amazon has lots of their stuff too, but we couldn’t find the Key Cables there.

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