Amazon Kindle Fire -7 inchJoy lost her iPad Mini at the gym and has been using an old Amazon Fire tablet. The new $50 Fire is better than the old one in many ways. One of the best changes they made was moving the power button.

The old Amazon Fire had the power button on the base of the unit. Dumb design: every time Joy set it down on a stationary bike or treadmill’s book mount, the Fire went out. The new one has the power button at the top. The demand is so great, they’re out of them until October 25.

A hit feature of the new Fire is what they call “Amazon Underground.”  This has over $10,000 worth of apps and games. You can unlock higher levels, get upgrades and even your character’s life back (cause you know you’re gonna die the first few times out), all for free. There are unlimited add-on packs and free game goodies that are normally costly.

At $50, the new Fire is $350 less expensive than the cheapest iPad Mini 4. It may not run all the apps an iPad will, but it’s a great device for reading and movie watching. The screen resolution isn’t as great as the iPad’s either, but even with our old Fire, we didn’t  notice the difference. Comes with a slot for an extra memory card.  At Bob’s insistence, Joy just ordered one.

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