doctor on demandWe were burned when we signed up for the “prime” version of Health Tap, after they offered us a free two-week trial of their doctor on demand service. We didn’t remember that they had our credit card, so it was a big shock to learn we’d been dinged $109 per month for three months. This has become a “business model,” as they say, and it’s a nasty practice.

But we like the idea of using an app to get a second opinion from a real doctor. Here are a few others to try.

DoctorOnDemand is $40 per consultation for non-emergency medical conditions. They can even prescribe drugs. Their psychologist on demand video consultation costs $50 for 25 minutes. It works the same, with the app or on the website.

HelloMD, available as an app or on the web, offers you a second opinion from a doctor or surgeon. Consultations take place through video calls. Doctors set their own rates.

LiveHealth Online accepts insurance, if your plan covers online visits. Without it, it’s $49 per consultation.

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