NetflixAlmost half of Netflix subscribers share their password with someone, according to a Consumer Reports survey. We’re a bit shocked, but can understand how it could happen.

It’s perfectly legal to share with a spouse, or someone in your household. It gets questionable when you tell a friend, “hey use my password to get on.” Netflix allows up to four different locations to be streaming a movie at once. Go over that limit, and someone will be shut off.

Hulu is stricter. Only one movie can be streamed at a time. If you give your password to a friend, they might be watching when you want to watch. Amazon Instant Video allows two at a time, but you both must be in the same location. Hubby can be watching his action film in the living room while Wifey is watching her romantic comedy in the den, or vice versa. HBO Go 3 allows three at once, but only in the same household.

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