xpWe heard from several readers who said they have no intention of giving up their Windows XP machines when Microsoft support ends (neither does Bob), and others who asked, “What about Vista?”

Support for Microsoft’s Vista operating system will ends in 2017 according to a schedule at Microsoft.com. Support for Windows 7 will end in 2020 and Windows 8 in 2023. But as long as you have a good anti-virus in place and good anti-spyware, you should be fine. We use Bullguard for anti-virus and the free Malwarebytes for spyware, but can also recommend Avast for anti-virus which comes in a free edition.

One Response to “XP AND BEYOND”

  1. Free Malwarebytes is what I was looking for thanks. I did Bitdefender first & had trouble with a popup when downloading adobe for printing out my bank info