saneboxThe average business person gets 121 real emails a day, not counting spam. Next year it will be 135 emails a day. Whew!

So we tried out “Sanebox” which moves less important email to its own folder. The decision on what you think is less important is made by software that scans subjects and content that you usually dump or leave till some time later in the next millennium. Sanebox analyzed 99,147 of Joy’s archived emails and figured out in a few minutes which ones to put in her read-later folder. The read-later folder is something that exists in another galaxy.

Sanebox costs $59 a year. (Alternatively, you can use the free filters available in almost every email program, but they’re tedious to set up.) When you sign up for a free Sanebox trial, (no credit card required) you get their free e-book full of tips. Or you can get it from Here are a few highlights from the book:

— Don’t let your computer or phone notify you every time an email comes in. It’s that jerk from down the block anyway.

–To avoid sending off an email prematurely, wait to fill in the recipient’s address until you’ve reviewed the message again. We’re big fans of Gmail’s “undo” button, which you can activate under “Settings.” The email can be snatched back from the void up to 30 seconds later.

–Don’t reflexively use email. It might be better to walk over and see someone, or pick up the phone. We know this is a heretical view considering current social interactions, but try it, maybe you’ll like it.

— Use templates for canned responses. In Yahoo Mail, find “templates.” In Gmail, use “Canned Responses.” (Bob’s favorite is the canned response of the late Ohio Senator Metzenbaum to constituents sending him angry rants or crackpot ideas. It went: “We feel it is our duty to inform you that some crank has been sending out letters under your name.”)

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