Admiral Robert Peary (courtesy of Getty Images)

Admiral Robert Peary
(courtesy of Getty Images)

There are more than 35 million  Getty images available for use by business. Now, over 12 million of them are free to the rest of us.

There are 3,000 photos of Steve Jobs, 5,500 for Bill Gates and 18,400 for Arnold Schwarzenegger. Nothing beats a movie star. For instance, there’s only one picture of Robert Peary, discoverer of the North Pole. You can bring up landscapes as well. A river-level image of the Grand Canyon would cost $65 for commercial use, but it’s free for non-commercial use. High resolution images cost much more. You can narrow searches by adding a time period to the subject. After all, who wants to go through 18,000 pictures of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Start by going to Search on a subject. Hover over a photo and click on a symbol that looks like this: </>. A bunch of code will appear. Copy that by highlighting it and hitting ctrl-c, then paste that into your web site and the photo will appear. If you don’t have a web site, you can set one up in a couple of minutes at (Use the insert video link. In this case, it works for photos too.)

The picture will appear with a Getty Images credit line and catalog number, but you can get rid of it simply by right-clicking the image and selecting “save as.” Save it to anywhere you want and it will then be available without the Getty credit. We figure they’ll fix that loophole after they read our way of getting around it, but you’ll have plenty of time because it will take at least seven committee meetings for them to decide what to do.

Getty is not the only place to go. You can find free images and music for business or private use at and check a box to search only on items you can use for commerce. Checking another box searches for items you can modify. And then there’s clip art, tons of which come with Microsoft Office, Corel Draw, greeting card programs, and on into the night.

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