Push Bullet“Push Bullet,” free for Android phones, is a handy way to send any file, photo or web address from your computer to your phone.

If you find a great website while you’re at your computer, for example, tap the Push Bullet icon, which is now on the top of your browser window, and the website address pops over to your phone, saving you the trouble of searching for it again. We used it in Google Maps, to share a map, and also sent photos to our phone.

Now for the bad news. When we set it up, we got a big warning from Google. Push Bullet collects the text we type, such as credit card numbers, though it doesn’t collect passwords – or at least that’s what they say. If you’re about to enter sensitive information, tap Push Bullet on the phone and  turn this feature off. A “getting started” tutorial tells you what you need to know.

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