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Harvesting Flowers

abandoned Gullivers Travels Park

Abandoned Gullivers Travels Park

Type the subject into your browser’s search box and the sites come up:

— “Twenty Cool Abandoned Places” has pictures of some very eerie looking  places, including medieval villages, decaying hotels, water slides, diamond mines and more, all abandoned, from many places around the world. There’s no explanation for any of the places, but if you Google them, they are usually identified with s short history. (Gulliver’s Travels, an abandoned theme park in Japan, has a view of Mt.Fuji.)

— “30 Hilarious GIFs from People experiencing instant karma.” These are videos showing people getting immediate payback for their actions, like the bike racer who pushes a rival off his bike, only to be attacked by a spectator, who throws him off a bridge.

–“Photograph of the Day, National Geographic” has stunning photos. We liked the one of the women collecting “Kash,” flowers over six feet tall, to use their stems as fuel.

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