skype video messageWe’re not into video calling, but somebody must be. So we liked the idea of Skype’s new video messaging service. Rather than interrupt someone with a phone call, you can leave a video message.

This service just came out of testing and is now available on computers and smart phones. To leave a video message, you and the other person have to be Skype users, which is free. Just click the plus sign next to their name in your contacts list to send a video message.

The message doesn’t actually go off until you’ve reviewed it, which is a real good thing in our experience. So if your eyes were crossed or you had to sneeze, you can start over. We plan on leaving video messages when we’re on a trip. It’s a great way to show off Niagara Falls or whatever you’re standing in front of. Don’t forget to use fake backgrounds if you didn’t go anywhere after all.

If you’re using Windows 8, be sure you have the latest update of Skype. To check, put your cursor on the upper right of your screen. Click the magnifying glass and in the search box, type “Store.” Find the magnifying glass again and type “Skype.” When we did this, not only was our Skype program in need of an update, but so were 14 others.

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