web browserChrome is still our favorite web browser, and according to a recent Accuvant study, commissioned by the security firm ZoneAlarm, it is also the safest and the fastest –even though it’s only around five percent faster than others.

A lot of people turn off at the suggestion of looking at any new web browser, basically saying “I already have a web browser. Why do I need another?” Well, you may not need, but it costs nothing in time or computer power to try them out.

Your computer can handle an unlimited number of web browsers,  and what’s really interesting is the sites they find when they do searches are not all the same. Different browsers find different web sites, sometimes with surprising results.

So you can experiment with Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. Opera Next 15 is a relatively obscure browser, just out for Windows and Mac. We like its cool new look. It’s free at, but a little difficult to find unless you Google “Opera Next 15.”

Opera Next uses Google’s “Chromium” under the hood. One of the new features is “stash,” which lets you store all the items you’ve been thinking of buying on a digital shelf for later comparison. It could be a better way to go shoe shopping. We chanced upon a possible trend indicator at our local UPS store: Out of 151 packages waiting for pickup, 74 were returns to Zappos, the online shoe retailer.

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