It’s annoying to find a great video or article but not have time to view or read it right then. Using a new free “Spool” app from, you can tag it and watch the video or read the article offline later. Among our host of pet peeves are long articles and videos that have several minutes of introduction and then move forward by explaining how man discovered fire before they get to the point. You can watch those long ones later on any computer or mobile device that can access the web. The app is free but you have to sign up for an invitation and get on the waiting list. We found the response was quick.

There is a similar free app called “Instapaper,” which makes it easy to tag text for later reading, but not video. Spool covers more, since it handles video and audio, as well as text. And if you’re reading a thread (a continuous discussion) in a user forum, or a multi-page article, Spool saves the whole thing, not just the first page.

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