It’s summer and you’re enjoying the outdoors. But trying to read your ¬†laptop screen in the bright sunlight is downright annoying.

You can turn your PC ¬†into an eReader with a new LCD display that screws in to your existing laptop. This creates a screen that is unaffected by outside light. It’s from MAKE Magazine and Pixel Qi. They’re already sold out at makershed.com.

So far the screens have only been approved to work with two brands of laptop, the Samsung N130 and the Lenovo S10-2. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work with others. We’ve read that it just takes five minutes with a screw driver to see if it will work on your laptop.

The screens have an “e-paper” mode that is supposedly three times the resolution of the e-ink you see on the Kindle and other devices. But at $275, you may want to wait for a laptop that comes with this kind of screen.

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