Cell phones are getting so personal. Instead of an ordinary ringtone, you can have a video ringtone, free from, which just added Google Android phones to the long list of phones they support.

Video ringtone

Video ringtone

You can record the video yourself, or download one of their  free movie, YouTube or TV clips.   On their website, they’re featuring a clip from the movie “Time Traveler’s Wife.” One of the top ten clips shows white fleecy clouds  floating by as  serene music plays. In the comedy category, we liked  Charlie Chaplin clips set to old-timey music. There’s also sports, fashion, politics and other categories. You can preview them all before downloading to your phone.

One intriguing idea is to send your friend a video as a status update, instead of actually making a call.  Your video says everything’s fine, so you don’t have to.

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