Washable KeyboardThe yuck factor in college dorms is pretty high these days. What with swine flu and other contagious diseases, you might want to give your college-bound child a washable computer keyboard. Joy took one look at all the crud that had accumulated in her current Hewlett Packard keyboard and decided she wanted a washable one.

The new “SpillSeal” keyboard from Unotron has sealed casings that prevent food, drink or dust and dirt from entering the keyboard where they can’t be flushed out. The company says you should either immerse the keyboard or mouse in a hospital-grade antibacterial solution or run tap water over it. We just use vinegar from the grocery store.

Joy finds that she doesn’t type quite as fast on this keyboard as she did on her HP, (the keys are a bit stiff) but the cleanliness makes it worthwhile. Bob would rather just cover his keyboard with a cloth when he’s not using it. Unotron sells a corded version for $46 and a wireless version for $80, the mouse runs $50 to $60 You can see a YouTube demo video at tinyurl.com/washkey. More info at unotrononline.com.

If you have a Macbook, iPhone or Blackberry, you might want to check out iskin.com, which sells colorful silicon “skins” for your gadgets.

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