Word processors are at the top of any “must have” list, and there are plenty to be had for free. A cursory web search on the key words “word processing” buzzword will produce about a dozen free rides, including the all

Buzzwordencompassing Open Office, which has nearly all the features of Microsoft Office. You’ll find that one at Others include, Google Docs, ThinkFree and Zoho. For tons more, you should take a browser trip to , where the free scenery is great.

But the best buzz right now is about BuzzWord, a brand new free word processor from Adobe. This is new ground for Adobe and the early results are smooth. Because it’s Adobe, BuzzWord handles photos as easily as words and everything is done with intuitive clicks of the mouse.

This is an online word processor, and without a doubt the classiest we’ll see in a while. Collaborating on documents is a breeze. You can see at the bottom of your screen who the authors and co-authors are, who’s editing, and who’s viewing. Everything you create is saved privately on their servers, so there’s no danger of losing anything. To start using Buzzword, sign up at Because of high demand, you may have to wait a day or so before your request is processed. This could be the future of word processing or a total bust. You know what they say about pioneers.

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