The new trueSpace 7.5 from Caligari ( lets you create three-dimensional scenes, objects and characters that can be used in ads, displays, games and videos. New features include transparency and reflection functions. We played with it, and it is awesome.

This is professional level software, so the price is $595, and the learning curve is long. The program comes with instructional videos, but you can still expect toTrue Space 7.5 spend a lot of time making your first scene. On the plus side, we found that spending a lot of time with this program was a lot of fun.

An interesting sidelight here is that Caligari has a recommendation service for what it calls its Gold Ambassadors. These are individuals and graphic design firms that have used Caligari to create some very impressive art work. You can browse these examples by going to the Caligari Web site and clicking on “Galleries” to the side of the home page and “Newsletter” at the bottom. Be prepared to stay for a while because this is quite a show. A monthly contest awards winners free software and/or training sessions.

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