The founder of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia has begun a similar project for travelers. World Wikia is a free and fully editable guide of places to go and

World Wikia: Newport Beach things to do. The idea is that people who know a place well have more information about what to see and do than your travel agent does. Makes sense to us.

It just started in August and anyone can enter information. Suggested early examples to browse are Vancouver, Tokyo, Prague and Newport Beach (Calif.). To go directly to any of them, use the search button. Other entries on the home page recommend travel guides, hotel recommendations, vacation homes for rent, stories, where you can fly a Russian jet fighter, etc.

You can get to all of this from the main site: Worldwikia.com. This is a jumping-off point for a world (sorry about that) of information. The article about Vancouver, for example, is a community effort by many contributors and currently has 1,200 entries. Other information about cities and towns can be found in the original Wikipedia.com site.

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