SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT ONLINE lets you schedule an appointment online. It’s somewhat limited because it’s so new. We saw mostly haircuts, nails and yoga appointments. But it’s better than Yelp in one sense. Yelp, the popular business listing website, lets you send a message to a business, but there’s no appointment scheduling. MyTime also includes prices.



lighthouse28 Breathtaking Photos of Lighthouses Battling the Elements has stunning photos.




 online has A 30-day free trail allowing you to download legal forms in all categories, including sub-lease agreements, invoices, vehicle bills of sale, rental applications, and so on. This is reminiscent of the old Nolo Press, which was useful and popular 30 years ago.



Our friend Frieda wanted us to see a clip from the Jon Stewart show dealing with Iran. We don’t watch Jon Stewart, so we went straight to YouTube and there it was. Frieda was so impressed when we told her about it, she started looking for videos near her home town and found several. So the tip is this: YouTube has practically everything, from old musicals to great documentaries and TV replays. Try it when you’ve missed something and are sorry.



Garmin VivoFit 2Forty percent of people who bought fitness trackers, such as Fitbit, stop using them within six months, according to a survey of 5000 people by NPD Group. Joy stopped using the Misfit Flash after losing it, and is only one month into the Garmin VivoFit (original version). The survey claimed people are more likely to use the waterproof and rugged versions. Joy likes how the VivoFit reminds her to get up and move around for two minutes every hour.



apple watchstandIf we had a new-fangled Apple Watch, we’d get the $30 “WatchStand” from Griffin Technology. It charges and displays the Watch and an iPhone on a pedestal that makes the watch look like a jewel.

The iPhone leans against the lower part of the pedestal and the Watch rests on top. During setup, you thread the magnetic charging cable through the post, so it’s invisible. The connector snaps onto the back of the watch. Joy was enchanted, Bob said “eh.”



cloudWe got a pitch to try out a new program from Acronis for moving all your computer’s content to a place in the cloud. Sounds so romantic.

Well, in essence, moving stuff to the cloud is no different than moving stuff to another computer — ’cause that’s what’s happening. The so-called cloud, no matter who’s offering it, is a big room with lots and lots of computers with lots and lots of hard drives attached. It is a cloud only in a public relations person’s metaphorical imagination.

There are several movers in this line of work and we got a pitch to try out a new one from Acronis, a well-established firm. The object was to move the contents of Bob’s old Windows XP desktop computer to the Acronis cloud in the heavens. Read more »



GmailOur friend Ida, who is 95, likes to print out her Gmail messages, but the print is often too tiny, and she hates printing the column on the left listing all the folders. We have encountered this tiny print problem once in a while on our machines. But our solution for this — moving the text into MS Word, was too complicated for her, she said. So we tried another solution.

When the mail comes up, click on a message and look for the triangle to the right of the “reply” arrow. A menu appears. Click “print.” The font will be larger now because you’re not shrinking everything to fit on one page, including the sidebar with the names of all the people you’ve ever exchanged mail with.

Others go further, saying to uncheck the “shrink to fit” option in your printer menu. It seems to make sense but in our tests, part of the message always got cut off. If you’re not printing, but just viewing a webpage on your screen, hold down “Ctrl” and tap the plus sign on your keyboard to enlarge the page.



FAXJoy’s 96 year-old friend Ida had a real estate document that needed faxing. Joy’s scanner didn’t work, so what to do? Well, she took a picture of Ida’s document and emailed it.

We did the same thing with our tax returns. We signed the documents, snapped pictures and sent them to our accountant. Consider the camera as a portable scanner. If you’re a student, reporter or researcher, it’s also a good note-taking device.

We recommend installing the free Google Picasa photo editor on your computer. Once you’ve imported your photos, the program opens to allow you to edit them. For example, Joy’s photo of Ida’s document was a bit dark and distorted; she lightened, cropped and sent it as an email.


LEARNING SPANISH THROUGH GAMES has a new scavenger hunt game where players must decipher Spanish words and locate objects. Through videos, the site tells the story of a kid called Noah and his grandmother, who live in an area where everyone but them speaks Spanish (sort of like Miami).