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Direct is best when it comes to searching. Here are a few examples:

  • Google the phrase “Tip Calculator” and you’ll get an online calculator. Suppose your restaurant bill is $40 and there are four of you. Type in $40, put the tip at 15%, and put in “4.”  Google says each person should pay $11.50 for the bill and $1.50 for the tip.
  • Want to know what day of the week Christmas falls on, in 2016 or any other year? Type “Christmas 2016” and you’ll find out it’s a Sunday. Or use any other holiday or date.
  • Want to search within a site? Use Google. It’s better than the site’s own search engine. For efficiency sake, type your search term next to the website name. For example, type “inferiority” to get an article on that topic. (Seems pointless, though; we don’t know anybody who’s inferior.)

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