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You can also put a HomingPIN label on a cell phone, laptop, camera or passport. If left behind, the finder can find you by going online to homingpin.com. Then — should they choose to accept the assignment — they can send you a text message to come and get your stuff. They don’t see your address or other personal information.

The HomingPIN five-piece starter pack, with one loop and tag, one key ring and four stickers, is $10. It comes with a 12-month subscription, after which you pay $8 a year to cover 30 items.

Whatever you do, experts advise, don’t hand-write your personal information on luggage tags anymore. That can lead to identity theft or to criminals tracing you to your home while you’re on vacation.

We’re glad someone is on the case. Amazingly, 400,000 bags are lost each year. One in six cell phones is lost.  Forty-six million items are left in hotel rooms. (We lost a Kindle this way.) Sixteen percent of drivers permanently lose their keys at least once. (And, by the way, here’s Bob’s all time favorite statistic, from years ago from the National Opinion Research Center: Four percent of those responding to any survey “don’t  know,” no matter what the question.)

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