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Complaints from McAfee users were just as bad. A woman said she waited an hour for tech support and then was told she’d have to pay $249 to clean out her computer. Convinced she must have called the wrong number, she checked it again and says she did have the company’s actual number.

Of course,  we can’t be sure who’s telling the truth here. It’s always possible that some of these stories are made up. Some may have called a number from a  scammer’s advertisement because it came up first in a Google search.  However, we were present  when this happened to a disabled friend. McAfee wanted to charge our friend with cerebral palsy a few hundred dollars to clean out a virus that their software should have removed automatically.

The ConsumerAffairs site has no complaints about the anti-virus programs from Bullguard, Avira, or Kaspersky. We saw no complaints on Avast, the free software we’ve often recommended. Besides the consumer reviews, you can get their  buyers’ guide at

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